The Seleucid Slide

Episode Summary

When the Roman Empire started to flex its muscle east it ran into the seemingly powerful paper tiger that was the Seleucid Empire.

Episode Notes

What happens when you mix a Roman army outnumbered 2 to 1, fifty plus war elephants, and the Carthaginian Crusher himself, Hannibal Barca? Find out in this weeks battlecast were we cover the battle of Magnesia in 190 b.c. A defining moment for Rome's ability to impose it's will on the global level, as well as the final moment for the Seleucid Empire in terms of its presence as a powerful sovereign state, Magnesia is one of history's most decisive battles. With little solid factual information to back the ancient sources many now question what we believed about the battle itself, with that in mind I tried my best to blend the differing viewpoints and hopefully created an interesting engaging story. Thanks to yellowcubemusic for the tune, and to Ya for the cool art. Enjoy!